I’ve filmed and edited a couple of short sketches during my time at university. I found these projects fundamentally different to a lot of my other jobs as the timescale was a lot shorter and therefore I was forced to adjust my workflow.

The April Fools sketch was a lot of fun to film. Due to our tight time constraints part of the shooting process became improvisational, looking around to find anything that would look generically nice on camera (like the headphones swinging in and out of focus- shots that weren’t necessarily planned out). This gave me the opportunity to develop my ability to act under time pressure as well as to compose an aesthetic shot with limited resources.

In a similar way, the Halloween sketch was also heavily constrained by time. Lighting quickly became a challenge for this shoot, as the quickly fading natural light made colour correcting the footage during the final edit particularly important. Like the April Fool’s sketch, I enjoyed the parts of the shoot that were improvised. In this case there were a couple of shots that although were not plot driven, I feel added to the overall ambiance and cinematic aspects of the sketch, and consequently were my favourite shots to film.

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