The brief for this project was to design and model a car and racetrack in Maya3D similar in style to those seen in ‘Wacky Races’. After spending time researching generic cartoon stock character jobs, I decided to work around the theme of magic, largely because it has a clearly defined colour scheme (red, black and white) as well as it having a lot of physical tropes (for example, dice, playing cards, wands ect), that I felt I could incorporate easily into the overall car and track design.

I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this project- given my limited exposure to 3D modelling prior to undertaking the job I was worried that I would spend my entire time learning the ins and outs of Maya as appose to actually working on my racetrack. I couldn’t have been more wrong- I loved the challenge of taking on a new piece of software and found this project really useful in terms of learning what Maya is capable of.

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